Mango Sapphire AAAA – 85% Indica / 15% Sativa

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Mango Sapphire is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This gorgeous strain was first grown in California by the esteemed Humboldt Seed Organization. This cannabis company collectivizes the growing efforts of the Emerald Triangle’s best and brightest. By allowing these individual and proprietary growers the opportunity to sell their strains and seeds on the market under a world-famous brand name. Mango Sapphire is a three-way cross between an OG Kush cut, an Afghan landrace cut, and Bubba’s Gift. The result of this experimental crossbreeding was a potent plant that produces buds with a THC concentration that consistently falls between 21-23%. Mango Sapphire buds are incredibly dense to the touch, which is why the plant itself is known for being a heavy producer. These plants have been known to yield between 400-600 grams of flower per square meter of plant indoors. These neon green buds are accented with deep purple hues and burnt orange hairs. They are covered in a thick coating of milky white trichomes which add a snowlike appearance to the bud’s appearance. Likewise, the surface is coated in a sticky resin layer which is sure to get your hands and grinder all gunked up. The aroma produced by these buds is fresh and uplifting, often described by users as a combination of tropical citrus, sour herbs, and a bit of musty earth. The flavor is quite similar, which will have you going back for hit after hit. Although the aroma and flavor are quite airy and light, the high produced by this strain feels heavy and dirty on the body. Like any Indica-dominant hybrid worth its reputation, Mango Sapphire produces a potent body high sure to relax even the most stressed among us. Not long after your first few hits, you’ll experience an uplifting and creative head high that will have you focused and attentive. Thankfully, this focus lasts long enough to get back to a comfy place and put on your favorite show before the body high kicks in. This effect rapidly becomes sedative, leaving most users in a blissful state of comfort that is nigh-impossible to break out of. The one thing that might have you getting up from the sofa before you’ve sobered up is the munchies, as Mango Sapphire will have your tummy rumbling and have you raiding the pantry for sweet and savory satisfaction.

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