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Kief is a potent cannabis product that is only now growing in popularity. Kief is essentially dried trichomes that have fallen off of marijuana flower. As far as potency, is kief stronger than regular marijuana? Keep reading to find out. What Is Kief’s Potency? Experienced cannabis users often suggest that kief is the original high-THC concentrate product. While the strongest cannabis flower usually has around 25-30% THC, this is still significantly less potent than Tkief. In fact, kief can contain anywhere from 50-80% THC, sometimes even more.. Our kief is so potent because it is essentially nothing but pure, THC-containing trichomes. Trichomes are the most potent part of the marijuana flower, and contain the highest cannabinoid levels. Isolating trichomes provides a potent, intense high, which is why many MMJ patients with issues such as insomnia and chronic pain prefer kief. Kief also offers a fast-acting high. Kief burns very quickly. As a result, we recommend spacing it over the outer lining of your bowl to ensure it burns longer between hits. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting it, which would be a terrible shame. Kief can be used for bulletproof coffee, or spicing up your cannabutter to Moonrocks and Twax. And since kief is so potent, a little is enough to do an awful lot. It is more than double – often triple or even quadruple – the strength of flower, so use sparingly!

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