Banana OG AA 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

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Banana OG strain is a big favourite here for its effects which start out slow and subtle at first, creeping up to a heavy and relaxing euphoria. Banana OG strain contains a 70/30 indica sativa split with the dominant effects leaning slightly to the indica side. Distinguished by impressively large, chunky flowers that have a tapered, spade-like shape. The buds maintain a distinctly indica structure, dense and tightly-packed. Leaves are a pale green and host profusion of rust-colored hairs covered in amber-colored trichomes that give the leaves a slightly yellow tint. Indica dominant with a healthy dose of sativa, you will enjoy a smooth and relaxing gentle ascent into euphoric and uplifting experiences. This might just be the perfect indica hybrid strain for you. As the more intense effects of "Nana"subside, a feeling of deep relaxation settles into the body and mind while the sizable sativa content prevents couch lock. This strain’s dynamic knockout effects make it a great choice for kicking back and getting silly with close friends or lounging and unwinding at home before bed. Banana OG is an easy choice for anyone who likes banana Runts, taffy and chalky candy. With hints of sour acidity, tropical fruit and dry earthiness in the smoke make the banana flavor very palatable. Helpful for mild to moderate stress and depression. Can also counteract insomnia. Banana OG may not be the best choice for those prone to anxiety.

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